Wellness Center Cinthia

The new Wellness Center at the Relais & SPA La Corte di Bettona is the perfect place for wellness, relaxation and harmony. This little Spa offers an exclusive range of facial and body treatments with products from the prestigious brands of Comfort Zone. Contact the Wellness Center Cinthia. Get advice and book the relais before you arrive.

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The Raxul Cabin supplied in the spa, is able to recreate the atmospheres of the Roman baths, with different programs of water and steam iodized and flavored.

Products of excellence and wise use of our operators complete the three programmable cycles in Raxul:

  • Ritual of Sludges and Aromatic Wraps
  • Ritual of Essences
  • Tail Ritual
The wellness experience that involves all the senses

Careful selection of sounds and songs promotes physical and mental relaxation.

Optical fibers dress a variety of colors in the treatment environment and the lights are often lowered or replaced by candles.

Contact with the hands of operators, and that with Stones and natural materials, becomes a caress for the body, smoothing muscles and joints.

Delicious and tasty herbs accompany the treatments.

The intense and beneficial scent of Essential Oils creates atmospheres and exhilarates emotions.

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